Mandala Mondays

According to Claire Goodwin, "Mandala is Sanskrit for whole world or healing circle. It is a representation of the universe and everything in it. Khyil-khor is the Tibetan word for mandala and means 'center of the Universe in which a fully awakened being abides.'" As such, mandalas become tools that unify the conscious and unconscious mind. They draw the mind into the eternal creative nexus where human beings find solace, inspiration, and healing.

The folks at The Mandala Project view the mandala as "both the microcosm and the macrocosm, and we are all part of its intricate design. The mandala is more than an image seen with our eyes; it is an actual moment in time. It can be can be used as a vehicle to explore art, science, religion and life itself. The mandala contains an encyclopedia of the finite and a road map to infinity." When we stop a moment and marvel at the world, our eyes are greeted with countless mandalas. Ants create mandalas as they gather around a scattering of crumbs. Flowers lift their mandala-crowned heads to greet the sunrise.

These pages strive to catelogue a summer's worth of mandalas. Some are constructed. Others are found. All are a blessing that remind the viewer that a pattern lingers behind the most chaotic moments.

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